Chef Richard

Here he is....Chef Richard, the man behind the amazing food. Famous locally for his curry buffet nights, not to mention the rest of the menu.

Having spent over 14 years in hospitality, here's his bio in his own words.....

"Born, bred and buttered in Fiji. Cooking was my hobby which i made my profession and i enjoy doing it all the time.

Worked for some renowned resorts in Fiji:

  • Outrigger on the Lagoon

  • Castaway Island Resort

  • Intercontinental Resort

  • Paradise Cove Resort

  • Blue Lagoon Beach Resort.

Spent 2 years in the Cook Islands with The Pacific Resort in Aitutaki.

Was a Senior Sous Chef at Paradise Cove Resort and then got promoted and an internal transfer to the sister property Blue Lagoon Beach Resort where i was the head chef for almost 2 years before i came to Harvest.

I specialise in both baking/pastry and cookery as well."

This Friday night Chef Richard is putting on an Island Style Buffet. The menu looks outstanding, with everything from roast lamb to Fijian curries…..check it out here.